Opening hours: Daily from 10am – 10pm.

Ratchathewi District in central Bangkok was elevated in 1989 to its own district and inherited its name from the Ratchathewi Intersection, the intersection of Phetchaburi Road and Phaya Thai Road. The Ratchathewi District has various faces – Historically, everyday Bangkok life as well as new development.

Victory Monument is the most prominent monument of that district, honouring the 59 soldiers who died in the French-Thai War. Close to it you will find the Suan Pakkad Palace, exhibiting in traditional wooden Thai houses Thai antiques from ancient to recent ones and Phet Buri Road holds in incredible number of small shops of various kind along the small pedestrian lanes, extending to various malls. But the development within the district is continuing, giving room for new innovative, great and interesting businesses, restaurant and bars making it well worthy it to discover during day and evening.

One major attraction of the district is surely the King Power Downtown Complex, Bangkok’s biggest duty-free shopping mall – A major new attraction for sophisticated shoppers, combining art and culture with shopping, dining and entertainment and the luxury and elegance of a leading hotel. The mega complex is located on Sri Ayuthaya, Rangnam Road and we have secured a main spot within. A 300sqm El Gaucho restaurant, satisfying with our well known features – Open space in the rustic, but modern look, perfected by various details and an open bar and kitchen, private dining room all with a glorious wide and full outside view.

Please note that this location has a smoking area at the outside area only. Parking is available as part of the mall facilities, and for public transportation users please get off at the BTS Victory Monument and take another ten minutes’ walk to the King Power Complex.