Our cigar offer is designated for the discerning patron who enjoys the relaxing ritual of cigar smoking, accompanied by a glass of fine cognac, aged whisky, port or deeper red to enhance the sensation of a cigar for the aficionado.

Please note that our cigar offering and availability varies by location, this applies especially to our coastal and island locations. If you are visiting us with the wish to enjoy our cigar selection, we are recommending contacting the restaurant location in advance to enquire the offer and availability.

    • Hoyo De Monterry

    • Epicure Especial


      Medium to full body. Smooth and consistent best describe the characteristic of this cigar. The flavors most present are cocoa with hints of hazelnut. There is a woody element to the cigar but it is subtle and lingers in the background. It is a medium to full flavored cigar but medium in body and very smooth with only touches of spice tickling your nose from time to time.

    • Epicure No.2


      The Epicure No. 2 starts with a strong shot of tobacco combined with deep flavors of moist soil and lots of spices. After few puffs on the cigar, the cigar becomes smoother and the flavors settle. The final third turns to a fuller body with the sweetness of caramelized sugar with hints of tobacco and leather in a creamy con

    • Coronations


      A very mild Hoyo cigar presented in Aluminum Tubes. A good start for a morning or an easy going afternoon cigar when you want to relax. It is mild tobacco flavor with notes of light leather and cocoa.

    • Montecristo

    • Edmundo


      This big cigar looks more powerful than it is. Surprisingly mild, the Montecristo Edmundo, one of the newer vitoles of the Montecristo family, has all the recognizable traits of the brand, but delivered in a gentle warm smoke, especially in the first phase of the cigar. The aromas is perfectly balanced with its characteristic medium to full flavour will arise even greater enthusiasm among the faithful smokers of Montecristo brand.

    • Petit Edmundo


      There is a nice aroma to the cigar, and it shows some definite star anise spice notes, cedar hay, black coffee and earth notes. It is beautiful first third with nice woody aromas, such as oak and cedar. We can also detect some leather notes surrounding flavors of double roasted coffee and cocoa.

    • Petit Tubos


      The draw is excellent, and it is very well constructed.. The last third is a bit stronger but still a very good smoke.

    • Puritos


      Montecristo Puritos are the ideal selection for the smoker of everyday cigars who wish to “upgrade” without a major jump in price. Alternatively they are perfect for the premium cigar lover who would like to enjoy the unique tang.

    • Punch

    • Royal Coronations


      This Corona from Punch, which is normally presented in aluminum tubes, is characteristic for its smoothness and rich flavours and aroma. Definitely, a good medium-light tobacco taste cigar, ideal for those who are not very used to smoke habanos yet.

    • Coronation


      This Petit Corona from Punch, which is normally presented in aluminum tubes, is characteristic for its smoothness and rich flavours and aroma. Definitely, a good medium-light tobacco taste cigar.

    • Bolivar

    • Bolivar Tubos No.1


      The Bolivar Tubos No. 1 is an amazing cigar, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Its medium to medium-full body produces deep earthy flavors, alongside with spices, leather, chocolate and tobacco. All the flavors are well balanced, in a fantastic mixture of tastes thanks to its magnificent construction.

    • Romeo Y Julieta

    • No.1


      Light flavors, It is fresh, floral bouquet with faint trace of woodiness. Romeo Y Julieta is a perfect for a beginner of the Havanas.

    • No.2


      Light flavors, It is fresh, floral bouquet with faint trace of woodiness. Romeo Y Julieta is a perfect for a beginner of the Havanas.

    • No.3


      Balance is the key to this Coronitas, a balance between strength and flavor, matched by a balance between size and burn. Fresh and slight woody and floral. It is pleasantly easy to smoke.

    • Petit Churchills


      Size of Petit Robusto is a great success since it was released in 2004, it has the perfect format to savor the balanced and aromatic flavors of classic Romeo y Julieta. The first third greets you with strong flavors of vanilla and honey. The cigar reveals its complexity all along this first third, some coffee, some dry fruits, bitter chocolate, and some leather aromas.

    • Short Churchills


      The Short Churchill, released in 2006 by Romeo y Julieta was smoked for the first time at the festival del Habano. An easy drawing, medium flavor, and light strength cigar that are sweet in taste from the first to the last draw. Medium- to full-bodied cigar that is well made with a good burn and smooth draw producing lots of smoke loaded with classic Romeo y Julieta flavors.

    • Cohiba

    • Siglo I


      This is a classic Cohiba. In the first third, the cigar develops a nice thick and creamy smoke. Aromas of cocoa, citrus and hay dominate. Some touches of spices also appear. The second third goes on with the same flavors: chocolate, sweet and coffee notes.

    • Siglo II


      A rich and full bodied with typically dry, woody aromas that are not overpowered by strength. The cigar is spicy and rich, with complex flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and leather.

    • Partagas

    • Serie D No. 4


      The Partagas Serie D No. 4 starts with a coffee and chocolate flavor with the overtone of leather and tobacco. The cigar mellows down and gets more complex. Woody, earthy and sweet with a medium to full body. This is a very tasty cigar with full body, with complex and interesting flavors.

    • De Luxe


      This Partagas is freshness and woody aroma, its vanilla and sugar develop on the palate with very pleasant floral and vegetal aftertastes.

    • Coronas Senior


      Official size is called Eminentes and is slightly shorter than a Corona. It’s great Partagas flavor, nice spicy draw, even burn and medium strength. Inside the good looking tubos.

    • Coronas Junior


      It’s subtle peppery, earthy flavours and the medium tobacco taste are blended quite nicely. An ideal cigar for a beginner.

    • Chicos


      The figure of it really is combine springs from a blend with tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo area picked for their instantly recognizable luxurious of taste as well as smell.

    • Vega Fina

    • Coronas Tubos


      Hand-crafted at the famous Tabacalera de Garcia factory, VegaFina is one of the most sought-after Dominican cigars in Europe. Mid – strength flavor, rich in aroma and taste. Good draw and easy to smoke.

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